Efeature extraction functions


compute_rheobase(cells, protocols_rheobase)

For each cell, finds the smallest current inducing a spike (rheobase).


Convert targets of the form:

create_feature_protocol_files(cells, protocols)

Save the efeatures and protocols for each protocol/target combo in json file.

extract_efeatures(output_directory, ...[, ...])

Extract efeatures.

extract_efeatures_at_targets(cells, targets)

Extract efeatures from recordings following the protocols, amplitudes and efeature names specified in the targets.

extract_efeatures_per_cell(files_metadata, ...)

group_efeatures(cells, targets[, ...])

Group the recordings and their efeatures and associate them to the EFeature Targets and Protocols they belong to.

plot_recordings(files_metadata[, ...])

Plots recordings.

read_recordings(files_metadata[, ...])

Read recordings from a group of files.